Why I Write

This is a little story an essay I wrote to rescue me from the boredom of a long road trip about why I write. Enjoy and comment 🙂


So I have a notebook or a binder that I carry around with me everywhere. Well, almost everywhere, A lot of people ask me why I carry a notebook around. I look at them and tell them that I write a lot and have ideas for a poem or a story at random times. I have my notebook with me so I can write them down and don’t forget them. When I say this, some people look at me funny and then some people accept it. So, right now I’m going to tell all of those people who look at me funny, why I write. Hopefully they’ll understand me a bit better now.

First off, I will say that I write for a few reasons. I write to channel my emotions. I write so that I’m not bored. I also write to show who I really am. Or at least show the people who read my writing who I really am. So, in this little blab, or more like essay, I’m going to explain in a bit more detail the reasons that I write.

The first reason I write is to channel my emotions. If I didn’t channel my emotions into my writing, I would be a very moody and very stressed out. I know this because it’s happened before. When I get moody and stressed out, all I usually want to do is scream and cry. But, instead of screaming or crying, I put pen, or pencil, to paper. If I’m angry I will feverishly write something, which is usually a reflection of how I’m feeling at the time. Depending on how bad I feel, I can usually turn out a page to a page and a half of paper with things.

The second reason that I write is just to occupy my time. I’m a person that gets bored really easily. So, when I’m bored, I sit with my notebook and write something. That something is usually a poem or an internal monologue. The type of mood that I’m in usually determines if I write a poem or an internal monologue. My mood determines a lot of things. Of course, sometimes I’ll start writing and then become bored with my piece of writing. That’s usually when I end up with and unfinished piece of writing to be finished on a later date. Although, most of my pieces don’t get finished. I should probably stop doing that.

The last reason why I write is to show the world who I really am. Deep in the depths of my mind is a totally different me. I’m usually a cheerful person when I’m around people, but the true me is a depressed teenager. The only things that are to show for my depression is my writing. Most of my depressive pieces are poems. I seem to get my feelings out better in poetry.

so, for all of my haters and whatnot, this is for you. Now you know the reasons why I write. I hope you don’t think your time was wasted, because it really wasn’t.


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